• 5 Common Landlord Pitfalls

    As an owner of a profession property management company and as an owner of multiple rental properties myself, I have learned many of the common pitfalls that can cause property landlords much headache when faced without the appropriate knowledge, education, and tools. I have been personally investing in Real Estate since the age of 9. When I was 9 years old my Grandmother passed away and left me a $4,000 inheritance. Soon after she passed my father, an experienced real estate investor, asked me if I wanted to learn about real estate. I agreed. So at the age of 9, I was buying and selling properties with my father. For the 35 years since then, I have been learning the ropes and learning how to avoid many pitfalls (learning is continuous). The aim of this list is to help anyone that may be facing some of these challenges while overseeing their own rentals or to help any future property owners avoid some of these very common mistakes.

    If you currently own rentals or if you are considering purchasing a rental property in the future then you will want to take note of these very common pitfalls that landlords face on a yearly and sometime monthly basis. If after reading this list you find yourself filled with questions and worry, then it may be time to look into hiring a professional property management company, please call Jim Bottrell at (760) 390-2835. If you don’t like the job we do for you then FIRE US and we will refund your last 6 months of management fees.*

    For detailed explanations of each of the 5 most common Landlord Pitfalls as well as the tools to prevent these issues, please contact Jim Bottrell directly at 760-390-2835 or input your contact information so we can get you these necessary and important tools and information .