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WHO YOU WORK WITH MATTERS because not all agents are created equal. It is safe to say that different agents bring different capabilities so you owe it to yourself to ask these questions prior to deciding which agent you are going to buy or sell with to make sure they are the right fit for you and your needs – after all, buying or selling a home is most likely the most important decision you will make in your lifetime.

Picking the right agent to represent you will be the difference between thousands of dollars saved or made, countless headaches and upsets avoided, and overall being able to look back on the experience in a positive manner. Having served 2,000+ families in buying or selling a home and over 40+ years of combined experience, the Jim Bottrell Team can do more to help you achieve your goals! 

We understand that when picking the right agent to help you buy or sell a home, it is difficult to know what critical questions you need to be asking to ensure you are left with the best representation. Many buyers and sellers end up costing themselves tens of thousands of dollars simply because they don’t know which questions to ask – so we created this free report to help families just like yours, interview and identify the most competent and qualified agent to hire.


1.  What sets you apart from the competition? Why should we hire you?

The real estate markets we know today are unlike that of previous years. Because of its rapid changes, the traditional agent will struggle to meet the demands of the market. Having been both an individual agent and part of a team, Jim will tell you that a team will ALWAYS outperform the individual. The Jim Bottrell Real Estate Team understands that in this market, having unique marketing plans and consumer programs run by an established system are critical when selling homes for more money, faster, and with less hassle. As a team, we are able to provide the support and results needed to ensure you walk away netting the most amount possible while maintaining a smooth transaction. We are so confident in our ability to provide a positive experience to you and your family that Jim GUARANTEES it.

2.  How many sales did you do over the last 12 months and what is your reputation in the market?

Because we know the top two concerns when deciding to sell your home are if the home will sell and will it sell for the right price, it makes sense that you SHOULD be asking how many homes they sold. This number demonstrates the experience and capabilities of the agent. An agent is able to show you the number of sales they did in a 12-month span within a couple of clicks on the MLS – if an agent does not know how to do this, it is time to look for another agent. The average agent sells fewer than 10 homes a year, whereas our team served over 300+ families in 2021 alone. As mentioned previously, a team will ALWAYS outperform the individual agent. The question you should be asking yourself is this, “What is the team with hundreds of sales doing better than the rest?”

3.  Other than the MLS, what does your marketing plan look like?

The Jim Bottrell Real Estate Team understands what it takes to market your home successfully to create buyer demand, leaving you with more money in your pocket after the sale. When marketing your home, we will: Produce professional commercials for your home and blast it out directly to our database of 59k (and growing!) buyers as well as, broadcast it to the general public via multiple media sources
Publicly advertise your home on the hottest home search sites
Use geotargeting to broadcast your home to large segments of the population, making our listings view as much as 5x more often than the average agent industry-wide, a home is sold by the listing agent less than 2% of the time. However, our team historically generates at least 1 offer from our database of buyers 76% of the time – this means MORE BUYERS and MORE OFFERS on your home.

4.  What homes have you sold in my area?

Agents should be ready and willing to show you all the homes they have sold in your area within the last 6 to 12 months or all-time. With this in mind, take it one step further by asking them to pull up their most recent listings and show you their quality. This will give you an accurate idea of what to expect if you were to list your home with them. Do you like it? Are you impressed? Is this what you want your home to look like? An experienced agent will have proven methods when listing homes to generate the most buyer demand and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that the end results will be the same.

5. On average, what percentage above or below the asking price have your listings sold for over the last 12 months?

This is what we call the “List to Sell Ratio” and any good agent will be able to provide these statistics for you. This information is public knowledge and available for the agent to disclose to you. According to third-party MLS statistics, our team has a 96.49% success rate in selling our listings, while the overall market only sells their listings 76.5% of the time. Based on the same data, our listings are sold for an average of 5.4% MORE MONEY than the average agent. On a $750,000 home, that’s an additional $40,500 MORE MONEY than the average agent.

6. How long does it take your listings to sell?

This is also public knowledge that the agent is able to disclose to you. Keep in mind that as a buyer in this market, homes don’t sit on the market typically for over 30 days. So when a buyer finds a home that does, they are left to wonder what’s wrong with it? According to third-party MLS Statistics, our team outperforms the average agent when it comes to days on market. Meaning we can sell your home successfully and for top dollar, in LESS TIME and we can show you how we do this using our unique Pricing Strategy.

7. Do you have a database of registered buyers you can show me?

THIS IS CRITICAL. If the agent you are interviewing has a pool of buyers they should have shown this to you, in real-time, during your listing presentation. Historically, 76% of our listings receive an offer (sometimes several offers!) from a buyer that was already in our own proprietary database of buyers. Odds are that a buyer for your home has already been in our database for 6 months and is waiting for a home like yours to come available. Without a ready and current pool of buyers, an agent is simply posting your listing to the MLS and waiting for another agent to come along and bring the buyers – it can be days or sometimes WEEKS for an offer to come in. Using the principle of supply and demand, our team will use our marketing plan and the Pricing Strategy to create the most demand of buyers for your home to create an auction-type environment. This will create a bidding war, driving up the price of your home and allow you to control the narrative of your sale.

8.  Do you have a list of satisfied clients I can contact?

Ask to see this list or visit their Google Business page to see what their clients are saying about them! You can find over 580+ raving reviews on our team here.

9.  What happens if I am not satisfied with your services?

Ask how confident the agent is in the services they provide and if there are any penalties in canceling if you are not satisfied. We understand that the decision to sell your home is often very emotional and the process can be labor-intensive, leaving many homeowners to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Our goal is to remove as many stressors as possible throughout the process.

10. Are you willing to buy my home yourself if you cannot sell it?

The common myth is that every home sells. The fact is that 1 in 4 homes actually fail to sell. This is a valid and REAL worry for many sellers and our goal is to remove any questions or worry that your home will sell. So whether your home is sold to another buyer or Jim Bottrell, you can have peace of mind. Jim’s goal is NOT to own your home but rather to sell your home for the most amount possible, leaving you with more money in your pocket and a positive home selling experience free of hassle!

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