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How to Get The Price You Want When Selling Your Home

Get The Price You Want When Selling Your Home

Once deciding to sell your home, you have two very important decisions to make: 

1. Who will you choose to sell your home (Agents are not created equal.  Two different agents will sell your home for two different amounts of money). 

2.  Your marketing strategy when it comes to the asking price.   When a buyer is shopping for homes, they set up their searches by price.  Errors in the Pricing Strategy cause prospective, qualified, and worthy buyers to miss your home because they never see it.  

Because this is not as easy as it sounds, your pricing strategy should not be taken lightly. This report will give you pieces of the successful and sought-after Pricing Strategy that the Jim Bottrell Real Estate Team has used to successfully sell our client’s homes for more money than the average agent sells their listings for.


There are four main strategies that sellers use when going to price their homes. It is a common misconception that you will Net more from the sale of your home by setting a higher asking price. In reality, this often works against you if you aren’t listening to what the market is telling you. Keep these strategies in mind when setting your asking price:

1.  Clearly Overpriced 

Every seller wants to net the highest amount possible when selling their home and every real estate agent knows this. This is not in your favor in most cases as the market won’t be fooled. This may result in your home sitting on the market for extended periods of time and a couple of drawbacks can occur as a result of this:

  • Your home will sit on the market for an extended period of time.  
  • Buyers will see the longer market time and ask, “What is wrong with it?”

2.  Somewhat Overpriced

In a normal market, as many as 75% of the homes on the market are overpriced. These homes will be left to sit on the market longer than they should because there are Sellers that didn’t overprice their homes.. There are typically two factors with somewhat overpriced homes: either you believe with all your heart and soul that your home is worth more OR you’ve left some room for negotiating. Either way, these common thought processes are addressed in the Jim Bottrell Real Estate Team Pricing Strategy.

3.  Priced Correctly At Market Value

When a Buyer likes a home but chooses not to make an offer on it, The reason comes down to the “rejections” that Buyers have for homes.  If your home is properly priced, you deny a Buyer the opportunity to reject your home.  Those who have properly priced their homes usually sell within a reasonable time frame and for a very good price.

4.  Price Below The Fair Market Value

This is an interesting technique.  Some sellers are looking to make a quick sale while others are looking to start an auction. These homes sell quickly and attract several offers – usually in a matter of days – at, or above, the asking price. Know that the agents who suggest this approach are doing so with your best interest in mind.

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