“After having two different agents fail to sell my home over the course of a year, I was tired of being inconvenienced with people going in and out of my home and not receiving any offers at all. After interviewing a few different agents, I hired the Jim Bottrell Team to sell my home. Immediately things were different. First, they had a plan! A plan that was significantly more detailed than what the other agents were doing. The agents that I previously hired seemed to me like they were simply taking some pictures, writing a sentence or two in the description, posting it to the internet, and hoping that some other agent would bring along a buyer for my home. The Jim Bottrell Team was very different from that right from the beginning. They spent a lot of time showing me the levels of how they market homes, what their strategies were, and the specifics of how they negotiate offers. It really was surprised that they have so many levels of detail but then again not so surprising when you look at how many more homes they sell over the average agent. The Jim Bottrell Team really does it differently than everybody else. Within 10 days the Jim Bottrell Team had negotiated a full-price offer on my home. I was really surprised. The Jim Bottrell Team sold my home in just 10 days when others had failed to sell it for nearly a year. I learned that choosing the right agent really does make a difference! I highly recommend hiring the Jim Bottrell Team to sell your home. After going through what I did, I really wish I would have hired them the first time. That would have saved me a lot of hassle and heartache. Call The Jim Bottrell Team. You will be glad you did.” -Olga