“The Jim Bottrell Team Instant Cash Offer is REAL! As a recent New York resident, I found myself in an interesting situation with a home in Southern California that I wanted to sell. It’s hard to pick a realtor when there is no way to meet them face to face. I was introduced to The Jim Bottrell Team by a trusted friend. I’m glad I was. They were terrific. They facilitated the transition from the outgoing tenants and kept me informed all along the way. Once the tenant was out and we were able to view the condition of the home (The Jim Bottrell Team sent me pictures). We then reviewed the marketing options for the home as well as discussed the overall condition of the market. Given the situation I was in, The Jim Bottrell Team gave me three options as to how to sell my home: 1. Do all repairs and sell for full retail (or more). 2. Do limited repairs and sell for probably a little under retail 3. Take The Jim Bottrell Teams Instant Cash Offer and simply walk away from the home with a check in my hand. No hassles, no worries. After some thought, I opted for the Instant Cash Offer. I had things to do and I needed to get on with my life. As promised, The Jim Bottrell Team closed escrow in exactly 10 days and there were no adjustments made to the price, no requests for repairs made. The only things that happened were the exact things that they promised: They paid the agreed-upon price for the home and they closed escrow in 10 days. I really appreciate The Jim Bottrell Team for all they did. They made a very difficult situation extremely easy and they did everything they said they would do. I’d highly recommend The Jim Bottrell Team to anybody looking to buy or sell a home. I have never encountered a real estate team that runs as they do. Thanks!” -RCH