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Real Estate Market Minutes & Updates

For the last 2 years, Jim Bottrell has been the Real Estate Contributor for KUSI news where he gives timely updates and predictions on what the real estate market is going to do and how people like you can benefit from it.  Watch the videos below to learn more about todays real estate market.

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October 2022; “Marry the Home, Date the Rate”

We all see that interest rates are going up and home prices are starting to drop, with all that considered, many of us are wondering “Is now a good time […]

October 2022; Sellers – Pricing Your Home Incorrectly Will Cost You. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Real Estate Expert, Jim Bottrell, tells Sellers what they need to hear not what they want to hear about selling in Fall of 2022.

Real Estate Expert discusses Interest Rates and Why Owning Is A Way to Set Affordable Housing Costs for You & Your Family

Real Estate Expert, Jim Bottrell, discusses buyer demand, interest rates and why owning is the way to set an affordable upper limit to your housing costs. Watch Jim Bottrell’s latest […]

August 2022; Renting Vs Owning | Is it Affordable?

Renting could be considered the more affordable options to many, but is it the truth? Jim Bottrell, Broker/Owner, dives deep into the conditions of renting vs owning, explaining how owning […]

August 2022; Fastest Way to Become a Millionaire

The easiest way to become wealthy (not rich) is to invest in yourself. What does that mean in terms of today’s methods? Watch Jim Bottrell’s latest interview on how to […]

August 2022; A Mortgage is CHEAPER Than Renting—Here’s Why

We know now that renting is throwing your money into a void, and that a mortgage payment is a savings account–but where is that money going? Watch Jim Bottrell’s newest […]

August 2022; “This is the Fastest Change I Have Ever Seen…”

We know the market has been shifting towards buyers in the last few months, but according to Broker/Owner Jim Bottrell, things are now beginning to go FAST. Watch the full […]

July 2022; Price Reductions and What It Means For Seller’s Pockets

Maybe you’re seeing on Zillow the massive price cuts homes are taking, or perhaps your Real Estate Agents have asked you to reduce the listing price on your home. Regardless […]

July 2022; Real Estate Expert Says “Relief is Coming…” For Buyers

Buyers have to make the step forward right now. With skyrocketing interest rates and low inventory, Broker/Owner Jim Bottrell Says you need to get into a home SOON. Relief is […]

July 2022; Buyer’s Are In Charge Now; Market Update

The time has come, buyers are now in charge now. Broker/Owner Jim Bottrell is saying this might be the best time Buyers can get in on the market with below-asking […]

June 2022; Good Business San Diego: Jim Bottrell Real Estate Team

Jim Bottrell discusses his prediction of the market, why there won’t be a market crash and why 2022 is nothing like 2008

May 2022; How to Get Your Offer ACCEPTED!

Wanting to figure out the perfect formula for getting your offer accepted in this market? Watch this video of Broker/Owner Jim Bottrell speak about what buyers can do in 2022 […]

May 2022; ANOTHER Market Change!

2022 BUYERS AND SELLERS! The market is changing once again! Do not miss the opportunity to buy for a low rate and sell for top dollar. A chance like this […]

April 2022; Interest Rates and Home Prices ARE Rising!

Despite people baselessly claiming that we are just in a “market-bubble”, Broker/Owner Jim Bottrell is here to inform you that things are not slowing down. If you are waiting for […]

April 2022; Massive Market Shift Happening Right Now

There is a massive shift in the market happening right now. Jim Bottrell, Broker/Owner of The Jim Bottrell Real Estate Team says the shortage of houses is going to protect […]

April 2022; Rental Prices are Skyrocketing, What You Can Do

The prices to rent a home are skyrocketing and will continue to rise. Jim Bottrell, Broker/Owner of The Jim Bottrell Real Estate Team says it is cheaper to own a […]

March 2022; This is the CHEAPEST Homes Will Ever Be

Many Buyers may be on-the-fence because they think the market will crash, giving them ample time and money to find a home. Jim Bottrell, Broker/Owner of The Jim Bottrell Real […]

February 2022; How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

There are tens-of-thousands of realtors just in San Diego County–an average stat worldwide! When you’re going to sell your house, you want the most knowledgeable agent and the one who […]

February 2022; How to Get Your Offer Accepted as a Buyer in 2022

In this market, it almost always seems like you are getting in a bidding war with prices up to $100k over asking price between tons of other buyers due to […]

February 2022; Is It A Good Time to Buy A Home?

Right now the market is on fire with low inventory, a mass amount of buyers, and interest rates (as well as housing/rent prices) on the rise, it seems discouraging, right? […]

February 2022; There Will Be No Market Crash!

THERE WILL BE NO MARKET CRASH! Watch Jim Bottrell’s live KUSI News interview to know why there will not be a market crash anytime soon and why right now is […]

February 2022; A 2022 Market Crash? (It May Not Be What You Expect)

With this hot market, lots of Buyers are hoping for a Market Crash in 2022, however, that simply will not happen. Jim Bottrell, Owner/Founder of The Jim Bottrell Real Estate […]

January 2022; Jim Bottrell Discusses 2022 Interest Rates

What is More Important? The House Price or the Interest Rate? Broker/Owner Jim Bottrell shares his advice on this crazy market and how you can use it to your benefit! […]

June 2021; “It’s a Buyer & Seller’s Market,” says Jim Bottrell on Good Morning San Diego

Interest rates are at an all time low point making it possible for both buyers & sellers to benefit from this time in the market. Watch this segment as Jim […]

June 2021; Biden proposal would close real-estate tax loophole?!

President Biden’s new economic plan would eliminate a tax break for many real estate owners. Jim Bottrell, Owner at Jim Bottrell Real Estate Team, joined KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries on Good […]

June 2021; What could happen to the 1031 exchange?!

Find out more about the 1031 exchange.

May 2021; Housing prices surge across San Diego County, Jim Bottrell joins KUSI to Discuss Record High Prices!

Jim Bottrell, Owner at Jim Bottrell Real Estate Team, joined KUSI to discuss the surge in San Diego County home prices. The median price of an existing, single-family detached home […]

April 2021; Homeowners pay less taxes than renters, says Jim Bottrell

Inventory of available homes is especially low right now, making home prices soar even more, explained Jim Bottrell, Owner at Jim Bottrell Real Estate Team, this past weekend on KUSI […]

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