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Seller Market Minutes & Updates

An unusual opportunity with limited…

Jim talks about that this is a great opportunity to buy a home. The next several weeks are going to be pretty exceptional opportunity. Going right now is just so […]

Sellers: You Won’t See May 2022 Home Prices in October!

Even at a 10-12% decrease in home values, 2022 sellers are still up due to the massive appreciation seen in 2021. Real Estate Expert, Jim Bottrell explains why.

October 2022; Sellers – Pricing Your Home Incorrectly Will Cost You. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Real Estate Expert, Jim Bottrell, tells Sellers what they need to hear not what they want to hear about selling in Fall of 2022.

July 2022; Price Reductions and What It Means For Seller’s Pockets

Maybe you’re seeing on Zillow the massive price cuts homes are taking, or perhaps your Real Estate Agents have asked you to reduce the listing price on your home. Regardless […]

April 2022; Massive Market Shift Happening Right Now

There is a massive shift in the market happening right now. Jim Bottrell, Broker/Owner of The Jim Bottrell Real Estate Team says the shortage of houses is going to protect […]

February 2022; How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

There are tens-of-thousands of realtors just in San Diego County–an average stat worldwide! When you’re going to sell your house, you want the most knowledgeable agent and the one who […]

June 2021; “It’s a Buyer & Seller’s Market,” says Jim Bottrell on Good Morning San Diego

Interest rates are at an all time low point making it possible for both buyers & sellers to benefit from this time in the market. Watch this segment as Jim […]

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